October 2017 – In the works… A book on how honesty can make our lives happier

How it all started

For over 20 years, Gundula observed hundreds of participants in negotiation skills
classes – including Felice Vanin. She saw her participants cheat, lie and bully, taking advantage of their dominant position at satisfying their egos but failing in establishing
long-term results.

Invariably, when given a case to negotiate, the inexperienced negotiator would use the
dominant situation to impose a solution, by either cheating on the numbers or threating
the other party, and invariably jeopardizing the long term relationship and future
business opportunities.

The “Why?”

Hundreds of participant feedbacks outline that the single most important point learnt
during the seminars was that being honest moved the negotiations quicker to a mutually
satisfactory solution, without anyone losing face.

Felice, used to the power of the European Space Agency, realized how much time was
spent manipulating the other party with inflated numbers, tactics, games and other
gambits, when expressing the actual need would have been so much easier and quicker.

This is when Gundula and Felice paired up to research the topic of honesty in depth.

Let our honest words be heard

“We wanted to find out whether we were just blue-eyed optimists that believed being
honest would make this world a better place and human relations simpler, or whether we
could explore in much depth the power of real honesty, which appeared being the secret
ingredient that works like an accelerator in all our endeavors, private, Professional,
economical, political as well as spiritual lives.

We turned to existing studies of honesty conducted by Stanford University, conducted our
own survey and travelled the world to meet leaders in their fields to find out how they used
honesty in their careers and lives.”

This book is the fruit of several years of research and an invitation to re-center ourselves towards a code of conduct inspired by honesty and will be published in 2018.

July 2017 – Find your GTD® path

Getting Things Done®


David Allen (via David Allen Company)

David Allen (via David Allen Company)


More than ever active on the negotiation and sales themes, Gundula is also a certified trainer for the GTD® program.

David Allen, inventor of the GTD methodology, is widely recognized as the world’s leading expert on personal and organizational productivity.

Gundula has recently performed trainings in Germany, at the headquarters of Siemens and Lufthansa.

She says:

“Having worked for years in the special events industry, I have always been a highly organized person. But thanks to the GTD® methodology, I am now even more productive, able to concentrate on the task in front of me. I have now understood what it means to live and work stress-free productivity.”


For any additional information on the GTD programs, please visit:

-Next Action Partners related to training programs in England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria

-In Excelsis for training programs in France


Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them. ®

David Allen

In this video: “let go, David Allen’s biggest idea.”

January 2016 – INMAN Trade Show, New York

NEGOVIA represented VUYimmo at the INMAN Trade Show on Times Square in New York only two day after the blizzard that paralyzed the city.

Rémi at INMANCollateral

VUYimmo is the first application that allows to create and share in only a few clicks and even less minutes videos on the internet. This application has been created for real estate agents who would like to move up in the Google Search machines thanks to the presence of video footage on their ads.

Gundula at INMAN

Easy to use with a great promise: Film – Share – Sell!

Very interested, the Americans were a welcoming public, curious to discover this product “Made in France”.

September 2015 – Launch of ABC

2015 09 Amiens lightAndrea Ansel, president of the Business Club ABC, or “Alliance Business Club Grand Amiens” decided that the subject of negotiation was the perfect theme for the launch of a club of entrepreneurs.

“All entrepreneurs are concerned by negotiations and it is the one subject for which we are often badly trained” she tells us.

May 2015 – Night of Negotiations

NEGOVIA offered its experience to the entrepreneurs club ENTREPRENRE@BUSSY for the organization of the first “Night of Negotiation”.

Thirty negotiators, six different negotiations, sellers, buyers, observers and a great ambiance are an excellent resume of the first “Night of Negotiations”.

Organisation mode Speed dating

The CEOs of companies from Bussy Saint Georges and surroundings came to benefit from a condensed training on the principles of win-win negotiations, as taught by Harvard.



All participants played in turns the roles of sellers, buyers and observers. Each role allowed them to learn and to copy ideas, behaviours and best practices form their peers.

Jérôme Pelletier won the first edition of the first “Nuit de la négociation” !

Jérôme Pelletier

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Who is Gundula Welti?

Internationally recognized specialist in sales and negotiations, Gundula is the managing director of NEGOVIA, a French-based consultancy. After 21 years within The Walt Disney Company in both buying and selling roles, she facilitates programs to companies throughout Europe and the Americas.

Being perfectly tri-lingual in French, German and English, Gundula is capable of capturing audiences all sizes. Author of 3 business books on Negotiations, Sales and Influence, published by Editions Eyrolles, she is a sought-after speaker for international conferences.


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Guest Blogger for Next Action Associates and the methodology "Getting things done®"


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