October 2017 – In the works… A book on how honesty can make our lives happier

12 Oct 2017

How it all started

For over 20 years, Gundula observed hundreds of participants in negotiation skills
classes – including Felice Vanin. She saw her participants cheat, lie and bully, taking advantage of their dominant position at satisfying their egos but failing in establishing
long-term results.

Invariably, when given a case to negotiate, the inexperienced negotiator would use the
dominant situation to impose a solution, by either cheating on the numbers or threating
the other party, and invariably jeopardizing the long term relationship and future
business opportunities.

The “Why?”

Hundreds of participant feedbacks outline that the single most important point learnt
during the seminars was that being honest moved the negotiations quicker to a mutually
satisfactory solution, without anyone losing face.

Felice, used to the power of the European Space Agency, realized how much time was
spent manipulating the other party with inflated numbers, tactics, games and other
gambits, when expressing the actual need would have been so much easier and quicker.

This is when Gundula and Felice paired up to research the topic of honesty in depth.

Let our honest words be heard

“We wanted to find out whether we were just blue-eyed optimists that believed being
honest would make this world a better place and human relations simpler, or whether we
could explore in much depth the power of real honesty, which appeared being the secret
ingredient that works like an accelerator in all our endeavors, private, Professional,
economical, political as well as spiritual lives.

We turned to existing studies of honesty conducted by Stanford University, conducted our
own survey and travelled the world to meet leaders in their fields to find out how they used
honesty in their careers and lives.”

This book is the fruit of several years of research and an invitation to re-center ourselves towards a code of conduct inspired by honesty and will be published in 2018.