A negotiation often begins when a client doesn’t agree with the rates.
Negotiating allows you to find the best possible solution that respects your interests as well as the quality of the long-term relationship with your client.

Our training allows you to:

  • face all confliciting situations serenely
  • prepare efficiently for all your future negotiations
  • build long-term relationships with your clients

NEGOVIA shows you how to use the negotiations techniques taught at Harvard Business School and adapt them efficiently to you, your style, your company, your business.


If you are uncomfortable selling and would perfer that your clients just bought your products or services, we will show you that everybody is able to sell more and better, naturally.

Our training allows you to :

  • Prepare efficiently for your sales meetings
  • Make an offer that corresponds perfectly to the need of your client
  • Sell your product at the best rate

NEGOVIA shows you how to use innovative sales techniques  and adapt them efficiently to you, your style, your company, your business.


Who is Gundula Welti?

Internationally recognized specialist in sales and negotiations, Gundula is the managing director of NEGOVIA, a French-based consultancy. After 21 years within The Walt Disney Company in both buying and selling roles, she facilitates programs to companies throughout Europe and the Americas.

Being perfectly tri-lingual in French, German and English, Gundula is capable of capturing audiences all sizes. Author of 3 business books on Negotiations, Sales and Influence, published by Editions Eyrolles, she is a sought-after speaker for international conferences.


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